Animal Kingdom

Our first stop  was to see The Festival of the Lion King.  This is 30 minutes of non stop tribal singing and dancing with a centre stage and 4 side stages allowing the audience maximum viewing.  Dancers dressed in magnificant swahli costumes, costumed stilt walkers, animated animals including a giraffe, elephant, lion and Timon (the warthog) along with Pumbaa, the Meercat ( who had the starring role) told the story of the Lion King.  This was breathtaking and had we had time we would have gone back for a second show.  It was very difficult to take photos because of the amazing energy displayed by the dancers but Duncan took a video which is excellent.

Lion King show

We then walked along the greeting trails where the Disney characters were waiting to talk to, and have their photo taken, with patrons.  Of course I found Minnie (who is my favourite) dressed in a Safari outfit.Once again there were shops selling all sorts of Disney apparel, gifts, hats and caps, Disney swap pins, and markets.

The park is divided into themed areas including Africa, Asia, Dinoland U.S.A. Discovery Island, the Safari Area and Exhibition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain.  This has a walk through museum as you queue for the roller coaster telling the story of, and showing findings including footprints of, the Yeti (a.k.a the Abominable Snowman). As with Magic Kingdom we had determined what was of interest to us and what we thought we could do in the time we had so off we went to Africa to experience the Kilmanjaro Safari.  An open-air vehicle took us through an African-style savanna where we saw large alligators, gazalles, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, hippos, and lions roam freely.  We had to wait several times while giraffes grazed right beside the roadway and then wandered in front of the vehicle.  There was also a huge flock of flamingos, flamboyant and colourful birds.

Safari Minnie Mouse

We went whitewater rafting on the Kali River Rapids down the waters of the Chatranadi River.  6 people on each raft and I think Duncan and I got the seats positioned to cop the most amount of water as we were drenched.  All part of the fun.

Safari Expedition White Rhino

Still in Africa we walked along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.  Here we saw troupes of gorillas, an underwater hippo viewing area,  birds of all varieties large and small, meerkats and more.

Africa Gorilla

From Africa we travelled to Asia where we headed straight for Exhibition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountains.  We walked through the museum and viewed exhibits relating to the Yeti (amazing really, makes one wonder whether there is actually any truth to the sightings) to the high-speed train (roller coaster).  After the last two roller coasters I had been on I thought ok I’m up for another one.  I only live once.   Ha what had I let myself in for.  Up the top of the mountain, down twisting and turning all the way and then up through a tunnel where the train then reverses and goes backwards down the tunnel.  For the finale a hairraising ride down 70feet.  When we got off I was literally shaking but hey I did it!  Duncan enjoyed every minute and couldn’t wait for the next one. 

Mt Everest Roller Coaster

White water rafting

The time was getting away and we wanted to go back to Magic Kingdom to see the Main Street Electrical Parade and the Wishes Fireworks.  We decided on one more stop at Dinoland U.S.A.  We were disappointed here as some attractions were closed and others had long waiting times.  

Dinosaur Fossil Discovery

We did wander through The Boneyard where there are the giant bones of a Brachiosaurus dinosaur standing 52 feet tall and more than 80 feet long.  This replica has been cast from bones discovered in Colorado, U.S.A. in 1900.  The original is now in the Field Museum in Chicago.

At the centre of the Park is the amazing Tree of Life.  This icon of Animal Kingdom is themed around Animal Conservation and is an illusion of a real tree covered with man made leaves.  It is 145 feet tall and has 400 animal carvings.  No photo could do it justice.

Tree of Life

As it was close to the Mickey’s Jammin Jungle Parade we decided to watch this before taking the bus back to Magic Kingdom.   The Disney characters danced along the streets waving and greeting children, allowing parents to take photos and floats intertwined with dancers from the shows.  Quite a spectacle as is everything associated with Disney World.

Parade Captain Hook

We made our way along with hundreds of other patrons towards the buses.  They leave every 20 minutes so there is not a lot of waiting around (however I am sure in peak and holiday times this would not be the case).  We were really looking forward to going back to Magic Kingdom, having some dinner, getting another couple of gifts and watching the parade and fireworks but that is for another blog. Until then I hope you are enjoying sharing our time at Disney World and that we can share our memories and photos with you when we get back.  Love from SilvernomadsinFlorida.

5 thoughts on “DISNEY WORLD – ANIMAL KINGDOM – Day 2

  1. Wow! I had no idea Disneyworld had all those things Rhonda. I had zero interest in going there til now. Reading your blog should come with a warning:
    Caution. The information contained within has the potential to cause serious damage to ones wallet.
    Paul wrote a lengthy reply to your last blog entry but lost it all when filling in the fields so he gave up.
    We are really enjoying all your adventures.

    • Hey Liz & Paul
      I guess whereever you are it is what you make of it. We are determined to enjoy ourselves no matter where we are.
      We look like being at Keith & Zeldas from 22 November to 3 December, maybe we could catch up then.
      You are right about the caution. Cost us $78 each per day per theme park (3), then $58 each for hopper pass, accommodation. On top of that food, drinks although you can take food and drinks in, no glass. there are picnic areas and benches to sit on.
      All worth it. Would love to get housesit over here in a few years and bring our grandson over.
      My granddaughter Amy and her partner, Jerome had their baby girl, Emerson Marie, 7lb 4ozs this week. Beautiful baby, can’t wait to meet her. Ellecia is bringing her two over in December so my three g g babies will be together.
      Love to you both

  2. Hi Rhonda and Duncan
    Thanks for the lovely photos and news. You sound like you are having a wonderful time. We really enjoyed Epcot centre and fireworks and theme parks when we were there a few years ago also. Hope you are not affected by Sandy tornado Looks like a lot of damage and lives affected how sad.
    We have happy news Taylor Elizabeth Conde was born this morning to Steve and Angie and a little sister to Jacy and Sam. Can’t wait to see her this afternoon. Don’t have a photo as yet. Still praying for Bec and Troy for a healthy strong baby.
    Take care and lots of love

  3. Wow, Wow, and a double WOW. Holy dooly you will certainly have memories to share on this trip. Disneyland sounds just as it should be for any age. Pleased that everything is going so well. I can’t believe you went on those crazy rides. I would not be so game – that’s for sure. We have just come back from 5 days at Cressbrook Dam (near Toowoomba) just beautiful weather, company. Will have to go back there again. Redclaw was bountiful – must remember to take the dilly next time. Stay safe and look forward to the next addition. XXX Dolores and Herv

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