Disney World Hollywood Studio/Epcot/Day 3

The two blogs and this one of Disney World are only a snapshot of what there is to be seen and done.  I have taken so many photos and Duncan has videos to edit.  The evening of our second day we sat on the pavement at Magic Kingdom along with thousands of people to watch the Main Street Electrical Light Parade.  Unfortunately it was too difficult to take good quality photos but we both took videos which turned out great.  We stayed for the Wishes fireworks which was the best I have ever seen and lasted for about 20 minutes.  Time for home and bed ready for Day 3 hoping our legs and feet would last.

Some of the experiences we had at Hollywood Studio included The Great Movie Ride where we boarded a train to travel through classic film scenes and Hollywood moments.  This brought back many movie memories and is brilliantly done.  We thoroughly enjoyed the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, a 30 minute live show featuring stunts, combat, movie scenes and people from the audience as extras.  Included an actual war scene with tank, aircraft and so on.

Indiana Jones stunt show

Next stop was Rock’n’Rolller Coaster, starring Aerosmith.  After his epic adventure on the Mt Everest coaster at Animal Kingdom Duncan was up for this one. So, foolishly, I agreed to share the xperience with him.  Afer twisting, turning and looping upside down through Tinseltown I had had enough of Roller Coasters.  But hey lots of fun for us both.

Indiana Jones stunt show

Duncan went on the Tower of Terror which has a drop of 13 stories but, he says, nothing like ours at the Gold Coast.Off we then went to see the live show Beauty and the Beast.  This was an amazing 30 minute performance with cast members of  some 50 dancers, actors doing a thorougly entertaining show for young and old.  We also went along the the Muppet Vision 3D and Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream.

RocknRoller Coaster

This is an exhibition of historical items and photographs celebrating Walt Disney’s life and how a dream became reality.  We thoroughly enjoyed this.We wondered around but found that some areas were closed for the season so we decided to take the bus to Epcot.

It is difficult to describe what Epcot is all about but here goes.  We thoroughly enjoyed this theme park and wished we had had more time.  It is described as two fantastic worlds in one where you can find fun for everyone around the World, and beyond the seas and far into the galaxy.  Spaceship Earth is literally a huge globe (see photo) where inside there is a Spaceship ride where you can see yourself in the future (literally) as you ride, create, complete a questionaire and explore inside this amazing icon.

Beauty & the Beast

We went on a boat ride – Living with the Land, a voyage through amazing organisc greenhouses and a fish farm.  The Theme Park is the largest of the Parks and would take a couple of days to cover it completely.  As the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is on for the month of October to 12 November we wanted to stroll (how can one stroll when one’s feet are almost crippled and one has blisters where one didn’t think  one could) around the world showcases.  However who am I to complain, Duncan’s knees were aching so much however we knew this was our last day.  We looked like a couple of old people hobbling around. ha ha.  Hard to say who was holding up who.  A few beer and wine tastings and some food and off we went again.

Epcot Space Station

We found the Australian stand – on the menu Lamb Chops, Shrimp on the BBQ and Lamingtons (no, not very original).  We really enjoyed tastings from the Mexican, British, Irish, French, Canadian and Morocco stands (not American, had enough of American food – sorry Steve and Lynn).There were so many shops with souveniers of different countries, Japan, China, Britain to name a few.  We came across a concert with the Pointer Sisters performing so we stayed there and enjoyed that along with hundreds of other  people.  We went across to the Chinese Restaurant and had a great meal with great service as it had started to rain.

Australian Menu

We found our way around the Lake which is the centrepiece of the Park and looked for a seat to watch the Iluminations Fireworks.  It was only 7pm but people had already claimed their spot for the 9pm show.  We sat, and while Duncan talked to the people beside us, I hobbled around.  Came across a shop selling mementos of the Food & Wine Festival.  Some had maps of the World, Australia nowhere to be seen.  Seems we “Down Under” don’t exist.

Finally the Illuminations Fireworks started.  This had a spinning World globe with fireworks crisscrossing it, very effective with audible commentary.  I didn’t think it was as good as the Magic Kingdom fireworks but that is a matter of opinion.  We couldn’t wait for the show to finish as we had about a 15 minute walk to the bus to take us back to the hotel.  We were in so much agony from our three 12 hour days but agreed every minute was worth it and we would do it all again.

Light chinese meal
at Epcot

Epcot Ilumination Fireworks

Watch out for my next blog to catch up with what we have been doing with our last days here in Florida and before our visit to New Orleans and the Mississippi River.  Greetings to all from silvernomadsinflorida.

3 thoughts on “Disney World Hollywood Studio/Epcot/Day 3

  1. Great stuff, what wonderful experiences you are having. Sounds like your poor legs are getting a beating but well worth it. Hmmm the Mississippi sounds exciting. Have fun Luv Dolores and Herv

    • Yep want to get back and have rump and TBone steak done on the BBQ and jumbo prawns, roast pork, lamb and beef.
      I’m sure Katie will be happy to see ya’ll too. We will miss her and all the friends we have made here. We had dinner with the Pastor and his wife from the Chapel on Friday night. Enjoyed it so much.

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